Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thriving Not Just Surviving

                  Alright, so school is pretty much in full swing, and at times I literally feel like I'm drowning in everything I feel I need to do. There is simply not enough hours in a day. I'm trying so hard to not fail that I'm starting to think I'm doing just that. My expectations for myself seem to be a little bit... unrealistic. I'm going to start working on that about... now. Well, maybe.

                  Which brings me to my writing a blog week one prompt from Sam Shah's challenge found here. Why, oh why, did I choose the name Thriving Not Just Surviving? In the last four years, especially in the last year, I've been told how epically I will suck at the career I've chosen. (I'm sure looking back I'll think I sucked too.) But especially teaching in Tennessee with the new evaluation system, I've been told countless times just to make it through this year. If I can only make it through my first or third year, then I'll be set. I'll start enjoying my job and all my hard work will make me the awesome teacher I so wish to be. But, I refuse! Absolutely refuse to accept that. I refuse to just consider this year a thing to survive. I admit I may not thrive, but I can do a whole lot better than simply survive. Especially, now that I've found all of you. I also have a wonderful support system within my school that I think will help me become an even better teacher. And, I know there will be days that I do epically suck, or that I simply count the seconds until I get to go home, but that doesn't mean I will ever simply accept that this is the way things are and that this is all I can expect from my year.

This year, I am excited.
This year, I am passionate.
This year, I am constantly learning.
This year, I am constantly working.
This year, I am avidly searching for new ideas.
This year, I am challenging myself and my students.
This year, I am giving my students the benefit of the doubt.
This year, I can really relate to my students within the classroom.
This year, I have quite a bit going for me.
This year, I'm going to thrive not just survive.

A poster I have in my classroom.


  1. I like this attitude! When we wrote letters to new teachers a few months ago (http://drawingonmath.blogspot.com/p/matheme.html#Letters) that was one of the things that worried me- lots of letters telling teachers it will be hard. Sure, first year is hard, but it doesn't mean you won't have major successes or create awesome things or enlighten all of us who have been working at this teaching thing for a while. So I'm glad you're not letting anyone get you down :)

  2. I love that quote/poster! Reading your determination gives me new encouragement for myself.