Monday, July 16, 2012


Today I signed my very first teaching contract and received way to much information about insurance.
But it's finally sinking in. Two months ago, I graduated with a Mathematics degree and received a teacher licensure. One month ago, I was offered my very first math position. I am about to begin my dream. I'm about to enter my very own classroom for the very first time.
I cannot believe I am actually doing it. I am actually using the degree I paid way too much money for to educate this future generation. I have no idea what this year will entail, but I'm ready for the whirlwind adventure.
I have not yet tackled my very first classroom, but I just finished writing my first syllabus and letter home to my student's parents. While writing this syllabus, I became pretty frustrated by the lack of experience I had been given in communicating with parents/students. I also found that it was pretty difficult to find a syllabus/classroom policy/discipline plan for high school students that wasn't a copy-paste excerpt of some school's handbook. I wouldn't have been able to communicate as appropriately as I think I succeeded in doing, if I hadn't had my (also recently graduated) roommate's syllabus to help me out.
So here is the very first thing I have completed as an official employee of a school district. Feel free to provide any constructive criticism you may have.
Ms. R



  1. Great job! Your syllabus is more thorough than mine. I like that you have specific places for phone numbers and email addresses.

    Do you know about #made4math mondays? This would apply!!!

    Check it out:

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I'm definitely going to "borrow" some of your explanations of why something is a rule. And, I finally think I understand what you were trying to explain to me about the difference between Algebra 1 and Algebra 1A. Syllabus to the rescue! :)